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Starlac manufacturer, exporter of Heating Lab Instruments like Linear Expansion Apparatus, Steam Engine Model, Hope's Apparatus, Calorimeters, Ring and Ball, Bar and Gauge, Thermocouple, Syringe Kit, Charles Law Kit, Turbine/Pump Unit.

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Line Shaft Unit
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Line Shaft Unit   (HT-1592)

A 6 mm steel shaft is mounted on stand post with nylon or metal bearings. One end carries an aluminium V pulley 50 mm diameter and other, over hanging end is fitted with a cord anchoring, allows mass to be wound up, supplied complete with driving belt.

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Spring Unit
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Spring Unit   (HT-1593)

It comprises a steel shaft which carries a clock spring with a free¬wheel device and winding ratchet, also an Al V-pulley 50 mm dia. One end of the shaft overhangs the base for use as a line shaft when winding up a weight. Supplied complete with driving belt.

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Friction Calorimeter Unit
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Friction Calorimeter Unit   (HT-1594)

This unit consists of a metal cylinder with an integral V pulley in the base of the cylinder and a 6 mm diameter steel shaft fitting into a bearing block. The vertical pillar carries the cork lined friction arm and thermometer support. Supplied complete with driving belt, but without thermometer.

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Turbine/Pump Unit
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Turbine/Pump Unit   (HT-1595)

It comprises a rotor housed chamber and a clear perspex front. Two inlet tubules (one each for turbine and pump operation) and one outlet are provided. The shaft has 20 mm diameter pulley. Supplied complete with driving belt. To demonstrate the use of water turbine to drive a generator producing electricity.

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Handwheel Driving Unit
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Handwheel Driving Unit   (HT-1596)

To drive dynamos, line shafts, flywheels, pump etc. etc. It has 1 pulleys, one for driving and the other for output, both 75 mm i Intermediate pulley 25 mm dia., to give a step up ratio of 1:3 mounted on a base.

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Eddy Current Unit
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Eddy Current Unit   (HT-1597)

It comprises 120 mm diameter aluminium disc having 20 mm driving pulley. The powerful magnets are carried on a pivoted arms so that they may be moved over or away from the disc as required. Mounted on a base.

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Water Turbine with Dynamo
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Water Turbine with Dynamo   (HT-1598)

To show conversion of mechanical energy into electrical energy. Turbine with transparent cover, inlet and outlet tubes, direct! connected to a dynamo. Fitted on base.

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Head of Water Unit
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Head of Water Unit   (HT-1599)

This unit is meant for the demonstration of conversion „, electrical energy into kinetic energy (in the pump) and then conversion into potential energy (in the head of water). The unit consists of two basins and shaped glass tubes as shown in figure. Supplied on stand and used with turbine/pump unit.

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