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Starlac wide range of Physics Instruments include Light Lab Instruments like Convex / Concave Lenses, Magnifier, Lens Holder, Mirrors and Mirror Support Block, Prisms, Optical Bench, Ray Optics Box/Kit, Spectrometer, Sodium / Mercury Lamp, Telescope/Microscope Mount, Demonstration Model, Newtons Colour Disc, Polarimeter for School and Colleges.

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Filters   (LT-2088)

Coloured, gelatine film, 50x50rnm mounted in card (a) Red (b) deep blue (c) green (d) compound yellow (e) magenta (f) peacock blue (g) deep red (h) orange red (i) yellow green (j) pure green (k) blue green

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Colour Filter Set
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Colour Filter Set   (LT-2089)

Set of six unmounted acetate coloured sheets 75 x50mm, yaomprising three primary and three secondary colours.

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Ray Optics Kit
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Ray Optics Kit   (LT-2090)

Specially developed kit, of components, to enable students perform a number of experiment in ray optics. Students can demonstratively investigate linear propagation of light rays, focusing by cylindrical lenses, focusing of multiple rays showing aberration, law of reflection, refraction in water, prisms etc. etc. The kit comprises of 2 lamps and stands, 1 pair of housing shields, 2 combine single and triple slit plates, 2 multiple slit combs, 2 holders for combs and slits plates, 4 wooden light barriers, 4 piano cylindrical lenses + 7D, 2 piano cylindrical lenses + 10D, 2 piano cylindrical lenses + 17D and 2 piano cylindrical lenses - 7D.

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Compact Light Source
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Compact Light Source   (LT-2091)

It is used as high intensity source in smoke box and other experiments by students. A 12 V, 100 W quartz Iodine lamp in a ventillated metal housing. Apertures of 19 mm diameter are provided on adjacent sides to enable students use it either as an intense horizontal line source or as a powerful point source. Aperture can be closed with a shutter, the lamphouse is mounted on a rod 160 x 10 mm (length x diameter) to support on an ordinary laboratory stand. Approx dimension of lamphouse : 80 x 80 x 155 mm. supplied complete with 1 meter of twin cable.

Spares and accessories for above

Lamp 12 V, 100 W quartz Iodine (LT-2091/1)

Transformer for the same (LT-2091/2)

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Spectrometer Standard
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Spectrometer Standard   (LT-2092)

Good for many quantitative light experiments by students at Junior level, reading to 0.10 (6 minutes of arc)

The base combined with the collimator tube support, carries arc rotating telescope arm. The collimator and telescope tubes are one piece casting of light alloy, focusing by friction drive rack and pinion, 170 mm dia circular scale reading 0.10 but 0.050 can be estimated due to larger width of scale,

: Telescope : With achromatic object glass of 170 mm, focus, 21 mm clear aperture, 8 X Ramsden eye piece with hair line graticule, helical focusing, fine motion, tangent screw for finer adjustment.

Collimator: Mounted on fixed pillar with axial adjustment. Objective 150mm F.L. and 21mm aperture, helical focusing, unilateral adjustable slit 6mm long.

Prism Table: fitted with three spring loaded leveling screws and marked lines.

Supplied complete with tommy bar, screw driver and grating holder but without prism and gratings.

This Spectrometer is normally supplied in strong cardboard box but it can be supplied in wooden box with lock & key on demand.

Crown Glass Prisms Extra Dense Glass Prisms

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Spectrometer Intermediate
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Spectrometer Intermediate   (LT-2093)

Its optical system and features are equivalent to those of advanced model making it still able for senior students to do many quantitative experiments.

Substantial iron casted base with leveling screws, protected graduated disc 150 mm diameter, fixed to table, double ended single vernier reading to 1 minute of arc attached to telescope.

Telescope : 178 mm focus achromatic objective, 25 mm clear aperture, 8 X Ramsden eye-piece with cross line graticule, rack and pinion focusing.

Mounted on fixed pillar and fitted with achromatic object glass 178 mm focus, 25 mm clear aperture, adjustable precision slit, rack and pinion focusing. Prism table with leveling screw and its height is adjustable, surface marked with parallel lines to facilitate leveling of prism. Supplied complete with prism clamp and grating holder, watch makers eye lens to read vernier and tommy bar without prism and gratings. Supplied in beautifully polished wooden case with lock and key.


a) Crown glass prism : Equilateral 38 x 38 x 38 mm or 25 x 25 x25 mm as per requirement; Refractive index 1.52, optically worked.
b) Dense flint glass prism : 32 x 32 x 32 mm refractive index 1.62; optically worked.
c) Extra Dense flint glass prisms : 32 x 32 x 32 mm; refractive index 1.65; optically worked.
d) Polariser & Analyser : Polariser and analyser each of 25 mm aperture mounted to fit on to telescope and collimator.
e) Quarter Wave Plate: For sodium light, 20 mm clear aperture, in graduated rotary mount reading to 5 , on a metal stage for use in diffraction grating holder of
f) Plane Mirror : Silvered both sides, to provide a reflecting surface at the prism table, in metal mount to fit diffraction grating holder.
g) Gauss Eye Piece
h) Diffraction Grating Replica : 13000 tines persq. inch or 6000 lines per sq. inch or as required.

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Sodium lamp with transformer & housing
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Sodium lamp with transformer & housing   (LT-2094)

Comprises a 35 W sodium discharge tube, housed in metal shield with a 25 mm diameter aperture and mounted by means of a bosshead on an alloy rod at the control box. The transformer and ON/OFF switch are mounted in the control box. For 222 V A.C., 50 Hz. supplies

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Sodium Lamp Spare
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Sodium Lamp Spare   (LT-2094/1)

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Mercury Vapour Lamp
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Mercury Vapour Lamp   (LT-2095)

80 watt Mercury vapour lamp mounted.

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Mercury Vapour Lamp Choke
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Mercury Vapour Lamp Choke   (LT-2096)

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Lamp House for Mercury Vapour Lamp   (LT-2097)

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Direct Vision Spectroscope
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Direct Vision Spectroscope   (LT-2098)

For the rapid examination of spectral composition of light. Metal tube with draw out focusing and an adjustable slit. The eyepiece is mounted at the end of the draw tube and is adjustable in relation to the slit, so that sharp, spectrum can be obtained. Supplied complete in wooden or velvet lined case.

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Direct Vision Spectroscope   (LT-2099)

Same as above but with fixed slit.

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Direct Vision Grating Spectroscope   (LT-2100)

Designed for class room use, consists of grating mounted in a cylindrical tubes with a small hole at viewing end. Gives excellent band width of spectra.

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Pinhole Camera Kit
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Pinhole Camera Kit   (LT-2101)

It is meant for group of students to perform experiments on simple optics, to demonstrate the principles of images formation using simple pinhole camera and then proceeding towards the use of a single lens to obtain images of greater brilliance with clarity. The effect of aperture variation on the depth of the field may also be shown.
This kit corn prises of the following:
8 cardboard boxes 150 x 100 x 100 mm with hole, screen and lid.
50 Nos sheets of black paper, 200 x 250 mm
1 No. 200 Watt filament lamp
1 No. Mounted lamp holder with flex.
1 Packet of Pins

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