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Starlac manufacturer, exporter of Mechanics Lab Instruments mechanical instruments for educational institutes. Starlac wide range of mechnical instruments include : Spring Balance, Electronic Balance, Measuring Tape, Calipers, Pulleys, Hooks Law Apparatus, Inclined Plane, Pendulum. For more mechanical instruments view the list below:-

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Metal Twisting Apparatus   (MC-1161)

This apparatus is used to compare the degree of brittleness of wires of different materials. Two pin chucks are mounted on stout metal brackets on a base board 240 x 100 mm. Brackets are positioned 100 mm apart. One of the brackets is fixed and other bracket rotatable by handle. The fixed chuck is drilled through to pass the wire under test for pretensioning purposes. The wire is slowly twisted until it breaks and the number of turns required to break samples of different metals noted and compared.

Supplied complete with a set of four wire samples.

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Bending of Beam AssemblyBending of Beam Assembly
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Bending of Beam AssemblyBending of Beam Assembly   (MC-1162)

For determining Young's modulus for a beam of metal when supported at its extremities. Comprising a metal chrome plated bar 1 meter long, resting on the knife edges of 2 heavy table clamps, hanger with knife edge support to rest on the beam with micrometer or spherometer attachment and with electric contacts, but without weights.

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Maxwell's Vibration Needle
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Maxwell's Vibration Needle   (MC-1163)

For experiment on rigidity. Two solid and two hollow cylinders each 10cm long accurately fitting the bore of a hollow brass tube 40cm long are provided. The tube is also fitted with wire chuck and mirror, graduated scales and verniers on sliding weights. Complete with ceiling attachment.

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Hardness of Metal Apparatus
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Hardness of Metal Apparatus   (MC-1164)

This is to determine the hardness of a metal sample by indentation method. A simple apparatus comprising an aluminium tube 750 mm long, 12.5 mm outside diameter. A standard centre punch is provided which is dropped down the tube, the lower end of which rests on a sample under test. The tube ensures that punch is dropped from a constant height and indentation to be measured with a hand microscope of approx. 30x magnification with a built in graticule.

Accessory: Hand Microscope 30x magnification.

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Torsion Apparatus
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Torsion Apparatus   (MC-1165)

Searles horizontal pattern. Two cast iron feet each with three through holes and grub securing screws separated by two rods approx. 700 mm long. one of which is graduated, Wheel 165 mm diameter, over groove, moving in ball bearings, mounted on rear foot, with spindle carrying split collet chuck for holding one end of test rod, other end supported with clamping block through ot foot. With two aluminium scales graduated 30-0-30 degrees mounted on pillar supports, two pointers with clamps attaching to specimen, one each brass and steel rods 5r diameter, cord and hook for carrying masses, but without masses.

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Inclined Plane
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Inclined Plane   (MC-1166)

On stable Iron base 45 x 15cms, 25 mm thick, hinged to wooden plane comprising two hardwood strips 48 x 6 cm, 20 mm thick, 20 mm apart rigidly joined at ends by metal crosspieces. A well balanced aluminium pulley 50 mm diameter on 150 mm long stem adjustable at any angle in a clamp on a strip with 50 mm extension, a metal scale fixed to plane edge and a combined angular and linear scale screwed to base with clamp which serves as an index.

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Inclined Plane with Scale
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Inclined Plane with Scale   (MC-1167)

Wooden 60 x 10 cm, with pulley 22 mm dia hinged to wooden base 45 x 10 cms. Metal linear scale fixed to edge of the plane, vertical linear and 0-45 angular scale screwed to base.

Accessories MC-1167/1

Usable with comprises steel base plate 610 x 90 x 6 mm with screws provided for attachment to inclined plan P-1745, steel block with eye ring, one surface 100 x 75 mm and the other machined to present area 50 x 75 mm and steel block with eye ring, one surface with smooth finish 100 x 75 mm the other with brake lining material.

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Friction Kit   (MC-1168)

It demonstrates the relationship between friction and reaction. Kit comprises wrap free wood board 760 x 150 x 18 mm with steel eye ring in one edge, 10 steel rollers 100 mm long x 13 mm diameter, 4 wood block 230 x 115 x 18 mm, one of which has a steel eye in one edge, and a stout metal crank handle in a U shaped bracket 90 x 50 mm, one crank assembly. Supplied without spring balance.

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Inclined Plane
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Inclined Plane   (MC-1169)

It comprises a board 600 x 75 mm hinged to base 460 x 90 mm. The board may be clamped in any position to a graduated arc shaped support. The upper end of the plane is provided with an aluminium pulley. Complete with roller 75 x 25mm diameter two slides and a pan without masses.

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Inclined Plane and Friction Board
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Inclined Plane and Friction Board   (MC-1170)

A plane Board 600 x 75 mm hinged to the base at one end and provided with a pulley at the other end. The inclination of the plane is varied by a movable block. The friction slider 100 x 65 mm is of the same wood and is reversible and has one side cut away for half of its area. Supplied complete with roller 75 x 25 mm but without masses.


Scale Pan MC-1170/1

Aluminium, circular 75 mm diameter complete with suspension cords and hook.

Cords MC-1170/2

Cords approx. 0.75mm diameter.

Masses MC-1170/3

One 10 gm wire hanger plus 9 x 10 gm brass weights, total 100 gm.

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Projectile Apparatus/Falling Bodies Apparatus
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Projectile Apparatus/Falling Bodies Apparatus   (MC-1171)

This apparatus demonstrates the independence of horizontal and vertical velocities. It comprises a polished wooden block 200 mm long, which is pivoted an L-section metal launching bar 180 mm long. The bar is spring loaded and provided with a trigger catch. A small hole near each end of the bar serves to locate a 18 mm diameter steel ball. As and when the catch is released one ball drops vertically while the other is projected horizontally. The fact that the vertical velocities of both balls are the same at any instant, despite the fact that one has a large horizontal component, is shown by the fact that both hit the floor at the same instant.

The apparatus is supplied complete with a pair of steel balls 18 mm diameter which is stored in a covered recess in the wooden body

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Collision in Two Dimension
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Collision in Two Dimension   (MC-1172)

This is to demonstrate the principle of conservation of momentum and showing that momentum is a vector quantity having both magnitude and direction.

The apparatus comprises: A curved wooden runway 275 mm long and 65 mm high at its highest point, having a groove 8 mm wide down which a steel ball is rolled. An index mark at the top of the runway is provided so that the ball may be rolled from a constant height ensuring reprodudbility of results. A metal plate 100 mm square is attached to its lower end which enables the apparatus to be fixed to the edge of a bench by a G-clamp. The plate also has a slot for the attachment of object sphere support. An object sphere support is an adjustable device which attaches to the mounting plate of the runway and will support a ball either exactly opposite the end of the runway for head on collision or slightly offset for oblique impact. Supplied with a plumb bob for making the plumb line and Two spheres (steel ball bearings 16 mm diameters).

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Dynamic Trolleys, Wooden
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Dynamic Trolleys, Wooden   (MC-1173)

A pair of these trolleys are used for investigation on momentum velocity, acceleration etc. Both the trolleys are identical and each consists of a two rectangular wooden blocks 300 mm long moving on three low friction wheels. The trolley is fitted with spring loaded" impulse rod. Rod has three positions to provide different impulses which is triggered by a release pin, In the front of each trolley two holes are drilled and fitted with corks. With removable metal pins at each end to enable trolleys to be stacked or to provide anchoring points for accelerating cords.

(a) Trolleys with rubber wheels fitted with ball bearing
(b) Trolleys with plastic wheels fitted on bushes

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Dynamic Trolleys, Metal   (MC-1174)

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Trolley Accelerator
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Trolley Accelerator   (MC-1175)

To provide constant accelerating force to dynamics trolley. A pair of metal discs with a tensioning spring mounted on a metal bracket with a handle provides different tensions to the string, providing adjustable but constant force to the trolley.

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