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Starlac manufacturer, exporter of Mechanics Lab Instruments mechanical instruments for educational institutes. Starlac wide range of mechnical instruments include : Spring Balance, Electronic Balance, Measuring Tape, Calipers, Pulleys, Hooks Law Apparatus, Inclined Plane, Pendulum. For more mechanical instruments view the list below:-

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Bourdon Gauge
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Bourdon Gauge   (MC-1236)

A 100mm dia pressure gauge, 0-50 lab/in and 0-3.5 kg/cm calibration, mounted on base through vertical pillar with si( serrated tube, for pressure pump.

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Air Pump Vacuum
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Air Pump Vacuum   (MC-1237)

Fixed on polished wooden base, single barrel made of steel pipe with stopcock. Pump plate made of aluminium dia (a) 15 cm (b) 20 cm (c) 25 cm.

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Pump Plate On Stand
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Pump Plate On Stand   (MC-1238)

Plate made of Aluminium, with tube for connection to the pump and a stopcock on the central pillar. Mounted on tripod heavy base.





Plate dia




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Vacuum Pump
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Vacuum Pump   (MC-1239)

Oil Free Vacuum Pump, Exclusive oil-less construction of piston or diaphragm never requires lubrication, practically maintenance free, portable light weight die-cast aluminium components. Balanced eccentrics provide smooth, low vibration operation. Built in micro air filter, fitted with metal round plate.




Max. Pressure






Free Air

40 Ltrs/min

50 Ltrs./min


(1.4 CFM)

(1.75 CFM)

Motor H.P.










1.8 Amps max.


Dimensions (H x W x L)

7 " x 4 " x 9 "

9" x 4 x 13"



9 Kg

NOTE: Specification/design are subject to change.

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Bell in Vacuum
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Bell in Vacuum   (MC-1240)

Comprises an electric bell 3-6V, enclosed in a Glass Bell Jar 225mm high, 15cm dia, with ground flange, fitted with suitable cork and terminals on top.

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Magdeburg Spheres
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Magdeburg Spheres   (MC-1241)

Cast Iron or Brass fitted with stopcock and handles. Two metal hemispheres having removable handle and stopcock to a vacuum pump. This demonstrates atmospheric pressure.

Made of Iron (dia) (a) 62mm (b) 75mm
Made of Brass (dia) (c) 62mm (d) 75mm

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Bromine Diffusion Kit
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Bromine Diffusion Kit   (MC-1242)

With the help of this kit diffusion of bromine through air or vacuum can be demonstrated. The kit consists of glass diffusion tubes (2nos.), stopcocks with rubber bungs (2 nos), borositicate glass cap tubes (six nos), bored rubber stopper (six nos) short length rubber tubing (12 nos), adopters (2 nos), stopcock brush and tin of vaseline. Without Bromine Capsules.

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Crushing Cylinder or Can   (MC-1243)

To demonstrate atmospheric pressure, made of thin metal, with a tubule at one end, 14mm inside diameter to accepts a rubber bung.

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Capillary Apparatus
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Capillary Apparatus   (MC-1244)

This apparatus is used to measure surface tension by Capillary rise in a small bore. It comprises six glass capillary tubes 125 mm long, ends ground flat, of different bores, supported by a metal frame in a shallow metal trough.

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Capillary Apparatus, Plate Type
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Capillary Apparatus, Plate Type   (MC-1245)

Two glass plates, 125 x 125 mm mounted in a sheet metal frame with a shallow trough.

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Capillary Tubes   (MC-1246)

Five inter connecting glass capillaries of different bores fused on a horizontal glass tube, demonstrates how surface tension accounts for phenomena of capillary. Mounted on stand.

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Surface Tension Apparatus, Jaegar's   (MC-1247)

This apparatus is useful for finding out variation of surface tension with temperature and also variation of surface tension with concentration of a dissolved substance. It comprises a test tube 25 x 150 mm fitted with rubber stopper carrying a stirrer and a glass tube, manometer reading to 200 mm, 250 ml filter flask with stopper and dropping funnel, complete with connecting tubing, 500 ml beaker for water bath, adjustable pointer and three jets of different sizes, ends ground and polished.

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Surface Tension Balance, Searle's
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Surface Tension Balance, Searle's   (MC-1248)

It comprises a cast metal bridge mounted on a triangular shaped stand adjustable for height and having a leveling screw with knurled head fitted to one corner. The bridge carries a steel torsion wire stretched across it, one end of which adjustable for torsion wire, by screw. At the centre of the wire a small clamp is fitted which carry light weight metal pointer with an adjustable counter-poise. From the notch near the tip of pointer is suspended a small mass pan with a hook fitted to its underside, to hang either a wire frame or a metal clip carrying a glass microscope slide 75x25x1 mm. The tip of the pointer move over a vertical scale graduated 6 cm subdivided in mm. Supplied complete with wire frame, micro slides clip, six glass microscope slides and spare length of torsion wire.

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Buoyancy Apparatus   (MC-1249)

This is to demonstrate the Archimedes's principle of floating Bodies. It consists of a 1000 ml graduated glass jar with pouring lip. A 50 mm wooden ball is provided to study the volume of displaced water and to compare the weight of the ball.

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Cohesion Figures   (MC-1250)

A set of wire frames are provided to study the existence of surface tension in liquids. Soap films are used to study the effects.

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