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Starlac manufacturer, exporter of Mechanics Lab Instruments mechanical instruments for educational institutes. Starlac wide range of mechnical instruments include : Spring Balance, Electronic Balance, Measuring Tape, Calipers, Pulleys, Hooks Law Apparatus, Inclined Plane, Pendulum. For more mechanical instruments view the list below:-

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Pulley Set   (MC-1118)

Same as P-1500, b ut set comprises of a Plastic pulley frames (3 each) and 18 plastic pulleys (6 each).

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Mechanical Training Modules
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Mechanical Training Modules   (MC-1119)

These small modules are used to construct and explain various mechanical functions in various machines & Automobile engines. These are consisted of various spur- Gears, gears Cranks, Wheel drives, clutch drives, dog and cone clutch drives belt drives, Geneva drives, face cam drives and different link mechanisms etc. These modules are in both assembled and unassembled shapes and coded as MA & MU where MA stands for Modules Assembled and MU Stands for Modules Unassembled. All these assembled and unassembled modules are made of transparent perspex sheets. These Modules are as under.

01 Single stage spur gear
02 Single stage spur gear with intermediate gear
03 Two stage spur gear
04 Three stage spur gear
05 Three speed & reverse gear
06 Worm Gear
07 Bevel Gear
08 Rack & quadrant gear drive
09 Reversing Gear
10 Epicyclic Gear
11 Internal Rolling Gear drive
12 Spiral Gear 90
13 Helical Gear
14 Spiral Gear single stage with intermediate gear
16 Internal Gear and Pinion Drive
17 Crank drive to oscillating link
18 Herringbone, Gear
19 Crank & slotted link drive (Variable Velocity)
20 Crank & slotted link drive (Oscillating)
21 Friction wheel Drive (variable speed)
22 Friction wheel Drive (Periphery)
23 Cone clutch drive (Single sided)
24 Cone clutch drive (Two sided)
25 Dog Clutch Drive (Single sided)
26 Dog Clutch Drive (Two sided)
27 Flat belt driver
28 Belt drive toothed,)
29 Belt drive-single speed
30 Belt drive-two stage
31 Belt drive muIti speed
33 Belt drive (chain type)
34 Geneva Drive
35 Sliding Wedge Gear with straight line
36 Cam with straight line & lever folower
37 Face cam drive
38 Face cam drive (Double sided)
39 Different Gears
40 Lathe Screw cutting differential gear
41 Shaper
42 Crank & connecting Rod
43 Four bar link mechanism
44 Bevel gear type reversing mechanism
45 Eclipse Tracer
46 Watt Mechanism
47 Pantograph Mechanism
48 Mobbing
49 Peaucellier Linkage drive
50 Alien Link Motion

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Force Board Wall Type
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Force Board Wall Type   (MC-1120)

To verify the relationship between forces action at a point. Comprises board 65 x 50cm, with two aluminium pulleys, 50mm dia, on clamp, for mounting in any position. Complete with three hangers iron nickel-plated 50gm and 12 slotted weights of 50gm each, supplied with reel of cotton thread and a ring.

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Force Board Bench Type
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Force Board Bench Type   (MC-1121)

For demonstrating the principle of the parallelogram law of forces and polygon of forces. A unit is a drawing board size : 75 x 60cm fitted on two side pillars for standing. The board is supplied complete with two pulleys (clamp pattern) 3 x 50gm hangers and 12 slotted weight of 50gm, reel of cotton thread and a ring,

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Universal Force Table
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Universal Force Table   (MC-1122)

To verify the laws of triangle, parallelogram and polygon of forces. Heavy aluminium casted top disc, 40 cm diameter is accurately turned and graduated in degrees. It is provided with 4 frictionless adjustable pulleys having pivots of hardened steel, cords from central ring carries hangers for slotted weights. Pulley clamps have an index to show direction of forces. The base is of heavy cast iron with leveling screws and vertical rod is nicely polished supplied complete with 4 mass hangers and 12 masses (2 x 10 g, 2 x 20 g, 4 x 50 g, 4 x 100 gm).

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Universal Force Table   (MC-1123)

Same as but disc 30cm dia.

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Universal Force Table (Economy Model)
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Universal Force Table (Economy Model)   (MC-1124)

Same as but with compressed 12mm thick wooden board 30cm dia. disc instead of Aluminium disc.

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Lever Kit
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Lever Kit   (MC-1125)

This kit helps students understand the concept of moments and principle of lever.

It comprises of 5 plywood beams 600 x 45 x 3 mm graduated at 38 mm intervals, and with a groove across its centre to locate the fulcurm point. Also supplied with four fulcurms 32x32x64mm and 40 metal blanks 25mm square.

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Lever Simple Form
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Lever Simple Form   (MC-1126)

To make students understand the concept of equilibrium leading to understanding of principle of a beam balance. Consists of polished wooden rule 1 m long divided into cms and mms on one edge and inches and tenths of inches on the other, with holes at every 2 cms supplied with 3 S-type hooks.

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Lever Apparatus
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Lever Apparatus   (MC-1127)

Consists of a graduated meter rule with fulcurm, figured 50-0-50cm balanced and fitted into a grooved wooden stand with hangers supplied without weights.

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Micro Balance Kit, For Eight Students   (MC-1128)

This kit enables students to construct a simple sensitive balance to find out masses of small objects such as grains of sand.
It consists of

1. 1 pack of 100 drinking straws.
2. 9 wooden blocks 38x38x19 mm.
3. 10 wooden Index strips (Tongue depressors)
4. 1Pack elastic bands pack of 10Pcs.
5. 10 fine needles.
6. 9 metal screws for balancing.
7. 9 aluminium supports, U section 50 x 15 x 25 mm high.

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Wheel and Axle Simple
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Wheel and Axle Simple   (MC-1129)

Two grooved wheels of hardwood, dia i50 and 50 mm respectively making a double wheel pivoted on a spindle 10 mm diameter which projects for 100 mm distance. Apparatus can be clamped on retort stand. Supplied complete with two hooks and 6m whip cord but without masses and without retort stand.

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Wheel And Axle Compound
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Wheel And Axle Compound   (MC-1130)

It consists of a wooden wheel 150 mm diameter and axles 75 mm and 25 mm diameter. A steel rod passes through the centre has cone bearings. The brackets are of malleable Iron with steel adjustable pivots to reduce friction to minimum. Mounted on wood board. Supplied complete with steel hook and cord but without masses.

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Fly Wheel
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Fly Wheel   (MC-1131)

200 mm diameter metal wheel mounted on a balanced horizontal shaft in metal bracket drilled for wall mounting & pointer is fixed to one of the brackets.

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Inertia Balance Kit
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Inertia Balance Kit   (MC-1132)

It is a class room demonstration kit for qualitative investigation of nature of mass and making students understand distinction between mass and weight.

Kit comprises two metal trays 130 x 50 mm held 200 mm apart approximately on spring steel strips attached to the sides. Or tray has holes to take three equal mass cylinders approximate) (L x D) 100 x 25 mm each. The other tray acts as anchor and ma be clamped to the bench either horizontally or vertically. Three support pins are supplied to fit radial holes in cylinders. Supplied complete with G clamp for mounting.

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